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      The Se7en — Adrian's MK4

      Adrians MK4

      Adrians MK4

      Throughout life we meet people from all walks of life.  Whether good, bad or indifferent, people are brought together for various reasons.  Sometimes, those reasons become events in time that you begin to embrace as you build a friendship.  Even further down the line, those friends may become your family.  That is the case here with our brother Adrian, who we met six years ago at a car show in Helen, GA. 

      Up until 2015, there was a small VW/Audi enthusiast show, in the small Bavarian town of Helen, GA.  This show brings out thousands of cars and people each year, from all over the country.  The show was so popular that Adrian drives down from Missassugua, Canada, each year.  Helen is a blast during the day, but at night, there’s not much to do other than stand around admiring cars in hotel parking lots, or party with friends.  We chose to party with friends.  

      During this partying we ran into Adrian and began to chat about his passion for cars and his trip down each year.  We clicked instantly and rode the wave of positive vibes.  The biggest kicker of the night was the story he told us about him cleaning his wheels the day before, only to stand up and see a bear walking up the driveway of his rental house.  Adrian is pretty sure he set a world record for running speed when he made a dash for the house, but unfortunately nobody was outside with the radar gun. We exchanged contact info and I told him if he's ever back in the states to hit me up so we could all hang out again.  

      Now ask yourself, how many people have you exchanged info with, then ask yourself out of that number, how many have you actually remained in contact with.  Well wildly enough, four months later I found myself chilling once again with Adrian, but this time down in Ocean City, MD at yet another VW/Audi enthusiast show.  Safe to say this was becoming a regular thing.  The friendship bond had begun to build as we remained in contact frequently, making it a point to meet up at shows.

      Adrian drives a very clean, MK4 Jetta, bagged on Schmidt TH line wheels.  He has always kept it in pristine condition.  Garage kept, and never sees the rain unless caught in it by a drastic weather change, this car is definitely his pride and joy.  Over the years we have made it a point to always cruise at shows, eat at the dopest spots in town, and just enjoy the company of being good friends.  When I venture up to Canada, he makes sure I have nothing to worry about, and always shows me something new.  I have even hung out with a few of his teammates from his Hockey League and learned a few new things about the sport.  Even though I am not the best ie skater, I do pack a pretty viscous knuckle puck.  The Mighty Ducks should have recruited me but I lost out to some guy with the last name Gilmore.  That’s neither here nor there though.  Adrian says if I move to Canada I can play on their team, but I like my balls thawed in the winter, not frozen, as Canada winters are brutal.   

      It’s a running joke and somewhat a fact that Canadians are super nice, but to be honest, I consider the proper term to be genuine.  Oh wait, you guys thought this article was about cars? Sorry if I disappoint, but this here is about a brotherhood built off of the passion we both share for cars.  This here is to show that no matter what you may be into, you can find a friend to share that bond with.  You can make that friend family, and continue to grow throughout life, creating perfect moments that last forever.  Peep the gallery below to enjoy what brought us together as friends, and know that we cherish these moments knowing that we are now family. Adrian is my brother from another, and I wouldn't change that for anyone.   From all of us here at Circa 7, we hope you enjoyed these perfect moments.  Til’ next time, Cheers!

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