A portion of proceeds goes towards various Mental Health organizations.
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      Beach Club x Beach Bum

      Life's a Beach:

      The week has been a long one.  One that drains you both mentally and physically.  Feeling completely out of it, Mason cops a squat on  the couch and throws on the TV in an attempt to decompress.  It’s not working.  He then tries to take a nap, but his brain is still racing from everything that has been built up in his head over the past week.  He turns to his phone and begins to browse social media in hopes of seeing something that would help change his mood, but nothing sparks his interest.  His mental health is all over the place and he just wants to relax.  He then think’s why not venture out to the beach and relax on the sand with the sound of the waves.  Mason grabs his phone and sends a message out to the group chat,  “The beach bums are overdue for beach hangs.  Let’s hit the Beach Club this weekend like old times!”  Everyone replies with excitement and they plan to meet on Sunday for brunch and a day at the beach.

      The stage is set: perfect weather, good people, good vibes, and a wide-open beach.  From cornhole, to football, to just relaxing by the water with a few drinks, Mason could feel the weight of the work week freeing from his shoulders.  His mind was clear, his heart filled with love from the friends who came together for a fun weekend, and for once in the past 7 days, he felt mentally free from any and all stress.

      It was in this moment he realized the importance of the beach club.  That no matter what was on his mind, no matter how he felt, no matter the stress, the beach club is a place to come and be free.  A place where you can be yourself.  A place where you will not be judged.  Life’s a beach, and the beach club is a place where others can relate and want the best for one another, regardless of who you are or where you come from.