A portion of proceeds goes towards various Mental Health organizations.
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      Private Stock

      The Private stock collection was initially created by Jarret, our founder, with friends and family in mind.  It was a way for him to provide an executive feeling to those closest to him, by giving them items that differed from those released on a regular basis.  Garments that allow you to stand out from the pack and walk your own path as they differ from any other garments we produce.  Our Private stock items are made with love and harness the highest quality in mind.  With hand-sewn labels and embroidered designs, the garments are released once a quarter in small batches of 50, never to restock.  Think of Private stock in relation to a small batch of hard to find bourbon or scotch. The search and idea of having the item sparks an excitement within.  Once obtained, it is cared for like nothing else in your collection or closet.  Keeping it near and dear to the heart with the same love and care we put into each of our garments. 
      We truly appreciate you being a part of the journey.

      Welcome to Private Stock.