A portion of proceeds goes towards various Mental Health organizations.
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      Circa 7 | Circa: (used with a date) at the approximate time of: circa 1182 bc.  7 is the number of completion & perfection.  Circa 7 is about harnessing, embracing and living the perfect moments of life.  Whether it be through urban exploration, a music festival in the spring, hanging with family and friends, or wandered outdoor adventure; when you find your Circa 7, it is when you will feel the most free. Circa 7 is a family, here to pioneer a uplifted lifestyle through photography, videography, fashion, and small batched goods.  Find your Circa 7 and "Relive Every Perfect moment."

      Our Mission

      To spread mental health awareness through art, fashion, and community events.

      Our Motto

      The World Needs You! #TheWorldNeedsYou

      Our Fight For Better Mental Health #BreakTheStigma

      The time is now more than ever, for us to bring awareness to the forefront about mental health.  The team here at Circa 7 has had their fair share of mental health struggles and still fight some of those battles to this day.

      With this understanding of importance on the subject, we have decided to focus some of our designs on the stigma mental health brings in hopes of fighting that.  Under the mental health section, you will find clothing related to this fight.  A portion of profits from these items will be donated to various Mental Health Awareness organizations in our local communities and around the world.  We want everyone to understand that “The World Needs You” and that “It Is Ok Not to Be Ok.”  Join us in the fight and show the world that we are all in this mental health fight together.